hearing Gods voice The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.
Romans 8:16

Sometimes it can be hard to know if the voice we are hearing is God’s voice. There are many things we can know without fail that they are of God because they are in the Word. But what about things that don’t have chapter and verse? Things like where to live, where to work, who to marry, and more. How do we hear Him then?

One important thing to know is that what you hear will not go counter to the Word. i.e. God would never tell you to marry a man who is already married to someone else! God speaks to our spirit which we hear through our mind. So, many times we will think “Hmm, is that me or is it God?” His guidance comes through you not from outside you. He desires to direct you in all areas of your life – big and small.

Once I had lost a very important paper for a client and prayed like crazy to find it. I heard, “You should look behind the table your fax machine is on, you will find it there!” At first I thought “Yeah, right. That is only wishful thinking.” But then, I remembered how much God cares about even the smallest things. I got to my office, looked behind the fax table and there it was! Praise God! His direction saved the day for me!

The more you start listening for Him in the little things, the more sure you will be when He speaks to you about the big things. Start listening today!

Keep the faith!